Friday, December 2, 2016

Practicing Mindfulness

I am on Day 9 of Take 10 and it’s stressing me out! I have been meditating every morning since about February this year. About two months ago I got the new Apple Watch and started using the Breathe App. A month ago I tried some of the apps on my iPhone and really don’t love any of them. But now I’m reaching the point where I feel pressured to buy the apps or start paying for this. Is this a thing? Have we really come to paying for meditation apps?

I liked the girl’s voice on Calm, so I’m thinking I might go back to that. I don’t love the guy’s voice on HeadSpace. I like to picture Andy as looking like Jemaine Clement, and that makes our time together more fun. But these aren’t like $3 and $5 purchases--these apps are like $99 a year?!

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