Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chrome + (Facebook + Twitter) x Steroids = "The Social Web"

I just spent 23 minutes watching the future. Browsers were invented by guys like Marc Andreesson in the early ‘90s to make it easy for people to find websites. It is really the primary piece of software for most of today’s computer usage.

So, why isn’t it innovating? Why doesn’t my primary piece of software learn my habits? Why am I going to the same 8 or 10 websites everyday and looking for updates? Why is customization limited to my iGoogle landing page?

Why am I using archaic feeling things like 3-click or worse, cut-and-paste, RSS feeds? In fact, let’s talk about this… Robert Scoble and Seth Godin both love RSS feeds—the information you want is being served to you as soon as it is available with no need to search! So, why are only 4% of people using this service?

My answer is that it is not intuitive, it’s not simple. We want something that makes sense with how we use it and not worry about how we find it and set it up.

So, I signed up for the Beta version of RockMelt. It is built off of Chrome (my current most-used browser) and, in trying to quickly explain it to a co-worker I dubbed it "Google Chrome on Steroids." But it does some completely distinct things...

I’m not trying to sell RockMelt, so no product review, here, but I am pointing out that smart people are looking at how internet usage and web browsing have changed. And that can only mean good things. Making an experience around how we actually use a technology is the type of advancement that brings on widespread adoption. In Scoble’s interview with the guys at RockMelt they said they’re not worried about monetizing at this phase. Well, that’s because if they get this right, the money will come.

If it is simple and intuitive (Note: Microsoft discussed rebranding RSS to increase it's popularity) and actually helps me to have a better browser experience, I will use this new tool. And I will be back with a product review!

More on RockMelt is available here:

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