Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today's To Dos

Today's To Dos:
  1. Write "Thank You" notes to the managers I've interviewed with
  2. Complete my report to Utah Jobs to receive my unemployment benefit
  3. Follow up with hiring managers on current jobs I've applied for
  4. Apply for new jobs that fit my skill set
  5. Contact past recruiters and let them know I'm available for immediate hire
  6. Sign up to take the GRE this fall
  7. Study for the GRE
  8. Work on PhD applications for my top schools
  9. Finish writing my YA historical fantasy novel and get it to publishers and agents
  10. Get a handle on my very tenuous grasp of reality so I am able to distinguish between actual, realistic long-term goals and self-deluding fantasies that entertain my own, far-fetched, if not impossible, dreams

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