Monday, March 26, 2007

I noticed that every good blog has a numbers list, here's mine-

Tip #25 Never try to do the things you see on TV in your own home
Tip #24 Always check your order before leaving the drive-thru
Tip #23 Don't stress over things that you can't change or don't understand
Tip #22 When using blades, always apply motion away from one’s self
Tip #21 Before using the toilet, make sure it works and has plenty of toilet paper
Tip #20 Never speak badly of others, especially when they’re not around
Tip #19 Model yourself after people you know, not after people you see on TV
Tip #18 Treat everyone like they are the most important person in the world
Tip #17 Help someone at least once a day. Try to keep it a secret.
Tip #16 Remember that You determine your own happiness
Tip #15 Go to bed when you’re tired
Tip #14 Stop eating when you’re full
Tip #13 Always wash fruits and vegetables before you eat them
Tip #12 Chew your food
Tip #11 When you’re hungry, prepare a meal, then sit down and eat it.
Tip #10 Be generous with your compliments
Tip #9 If you're not sure about something, ask
Tip #8 No matter who you work for, you’re your own boss and best customer
Tip #7 Before anyone else can love you, you have to be able to love yourself
Tip #6 Always give time to listen to what others have to say
Tip #5 Pay off your debts before you acquire any new ones
Tip #4 Write “thank you” notes. For anything.
Tip #3 If you are an impulsive shopper, learn to keep your receipts
Tip #2 Do what you know is right, even if nobody sees it
Tip #1 Pray to God, but lock your doors.

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