Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bernanke Warns of Sinking US Economy

Meanwhile, the world of South American consumer goods is rocking out!

If your day was going at all bad, this will cheer you up.
The song Microdancing by Babasónicos of Argentina.
Happy and Awesome.
The Spanish Lyrics and their Translation (by Shawn)
Si te llevo de favor
If I like you and we go out
me prometes que esta vez
do you promise me that this time
no vas a arruinar la fiesta?
you are not going to ruin the celebration?
Apretados Tightened (or Tense)
No esperes nada de mí
Don't expect anything from me.
No esperes nada de mí
Apretados Microdancing
Si de onda te acompaño
If it happens that I acompany you
a salir esta vez
to go out this time
no me vas a dar vergüenza?
you are not going to make me embarassed?
Haciendo lo que más me gusta.
I'm doing what I like most.

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Brendan said...

When they do their synchronized bit where they are mirroring one another's movements the guy in white steps on the other guy's foot, but they just keep going. Now that is what I call drive and determination!

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