Thursday, October 2, 2008

Heroes Season 3 = Season 1 Repeated

I kept thinking 1 thing as I watched the 2nd Episode of Season 3...
Have the writers already run out of ideas for powers?
I mean, we've got another guy that shoots fire, another guy that can miraculously heal, and another guy that can paint the future.
And About Monica's power... please see this article-->
I'm not alone in this sentiment.
A Heroes Authority, SmellyPirateHooker, said,
"Who is saying that the painter is just a rehash of season 1? This entire show is just a rehash of season 1. Someone time travels, sees a bleak future, and comes back to stop it and a painter makes absolute visions of the future that take all the suspense out of things. It's this show's MO."
I mean, come on, Tim Kring. You're what, 25 episodes into the series, and you're re-using powers like crazy?! To support this statement, I was forced to research and open up excel sheets. You jerks better appreciate this. Below, I present my findings...

Heroes Super-Power Repeats:
(Source: Of course.)
Painting the Future: ·Isaac Mendez ·Usutu the African guy
Super Memory Skills:
·Charlie (who works at a Diner) ·Monica (who works at a Diner)
Pyrokinesis (Making Fire):
·Meredith (Claire's Mom) ·Flint (the Convict guy from Lvl 5)
(To distinguish these two, his is blue while hers is fire-colored)
Cellular Regeneration (Super Healing): ·Claire Bennet ·Adam Monroe
Telepathy: ·Matt Parkman ·And his Dad
Flying: ·Nathan Petrelli ·Claire's boyfriend, West
Collecting Other People's Powers: ·Peter Petrelli ·Sylar

And Now Let's Just be REALLY Honest...
Re-hashed Repeats of Already-Used Superhero Powers:
·The German Magnetic Guy = Magneto
·Claire and Kensei = Wolverine
·Parkman and his dad = Professor X
·Jesse the Convict = Banshee
·Claire's Mom = Human Torch
·Daphne = A female Flash
·Tracy Strauss = girl version of Ice Man
·Nathan Petrelli, West Rosen, & Niki Sanders = Are All Really Just Trying to Be Superman

Which reminds me of my un-published Season 2 take-away...
The only difference between Heroes in the Present and the Heroes in the Future = Hair Gel.

Hey Tim Kring, I got a great suggestion for your next Super Hero Power... How about when Mohinder gets angry, I mean REALLY angry, he grows larger, rips out of his shirt and gets super-strength! And he turns Green. --Shawn Butler

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BB said...

Wow, I'm glad I can't watch it in China, sounds like a waste of time. Guess I better get back to writing some kind of thesis...although not really a better use of my time...

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