Friday, November 11, 2016

Day 14: I’m Grateful for Robyn

I think I was maybe twelve when I learned that my older siblings were overachievers. It was probably when we were at the state capitol for the second time in about a month, receiving another award and having our family photo taken with our Congresswoman, who knew my mom, dad, and oldest brother and sister personally, and she said, looking at me and my two other siblings, “How many more children like these do you have?”

The state senator and congresswoman knew my family because Todd and Robyn had both worked at the capitol and had both received recognition for civic service. They’d always just “been like that.”

Robyn in particular is the kind of person that truly thinks of others before herself. It is a pure, Christ-like and unconditional love. She has a ridiculous amount of talents, really just so many talents, it’s pretty unfair, but she has always used them to help and serve others. I remember as a teenager she used her abilities to sew and make clothing so that she could modify second-hand clothes for children with disabilities so that pants, shirts, and stuff were easier to put on and take off. I know, right? What kind of a teenager does that? She’s always just been like that.

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