Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 15: I’m Grateful for Todd

Not everybody can have the ultimate big brother. Todd is eight years older than me. And he’s always been setting the bar of awesomeness and achievement for me. Not wanting to dive into too many details of his pretty incredible life, suffice it to say that he is the most accomplished, driven, hard-working yet low-stress, patient, humble, and Christ-like human being that I know. Even to me that sounds hard to believe, but I just re-read that sentence and, yeah, it’s true. He’s pretty amazing.

After my grandma’s funeral, I enjoyed the unique experience of having about a three hour conversation with him and his wife and I was utterly astounded at the level of problems, I mean trials and stuff, sure, but like actual, life-threatening crises, that they have been through. Their lives are unbelievable.

But the result of it all is that Todd is an example of wisdom, insightfulness, and pure, faithful living that I aspire to emulate. I remember thinking as he talked about what he’s learned from his experiences, “I would love to know what he knows, but wow...I am not sure I would have made it through those trials or have handled them that way.” It’s a testament to me that God knows the lessons we need to be taught, but he also knows the tuition we are willing to pay to learn them. My brother has paid the tuition for the highest-level of education in faith, forgiveness, and love.

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